How Marisa Helped Me. 

Marisa is an inspirational Healer! She is the definition of ‘trust in the power; trust in the voice of truth.’ Her healing abilities transcend the ordinary and transport the client into the extraordinary. Working with Marisa is a poignant, provocative, exciting, and awe-inspiring experience. I always come away knowing I am forever changed in very powerful and positive ways. Take the leap and step into the Marisa healing experience. I know you won’t regret it! ~Karen Popoff The Transformationalist, Vancouver BC


Working with Marisa is always enlightening. Her ability to see the big picture is a powerful gift and her deliverance is direct and honest, yet she is compassionate beyond measure. I continue to seek Marisa’s help for my spiritual journey as she makes me feel at ease with what can be such a vulnerable experience. ~Ty, Toronto ON


Marisa is unique in the area of spiritual healing through her gifts and advanced training. She is known for her passion for effective, deep, caring healing work. As a mental health professional, there is no client I have seen who would not benefit from her approach to wellness. ~Julie, Seattle WA


The quality of guidance, clearing, and support that Marisa offers as a healer and teacher is unlike any other practitioner I have worked with. She is a true being of the heart, whose dedication to the path of light makes her someone I know I can trust to help me through whatever issue I’m working with. With pristine skill, maturity, and compassion, Marisa is a master-healer dedicated to true wellness and the evolution of the soul. ~Elinor, Toronto ON


Marisa goes right to the heart of things. She works quickly, always grounded in compassion. She knows how to create safe space. Many times, I’ve brought her my complicated pain and convoluted storyline, only to have her offer a sentence or two that instantly reveals my direct path to freedom. Gentle but never wishy-washy, Marisa is a truth-teller. An impeccable healer, she truly walks her talk, and I feel blessed to know her. ~Marial, Vancouver BC


My partner and I recently began seeing Marisa for relationship counselling. Beginning our initial appointment with her, we both felt anxious as neither my partner nor myself had been to counselling before and didn’t know what to expect. Marisa made us feel instantly comfortable and was flexible in her approach to our individual needs and feelings. She was gentle yet assertive with examples, questions, tools, techniques, and suggestions.

Since beginning our couples work with Marisa, my relationship has blossomed and matured in a way that I couldn’t possibly have anticipated nor expected. I have a greater understanding of myself, which has translated into my relationship. Marisa is a wonderful teacher to both me and my partner with a passion to help others on their healing journey both as individuals and as a partnership. Thanks Marisa! ~Hilary, Toronto ON


Marisa is an efficient and gentle healer. She sees clearly, communicates well, and assists to clear blocks that may have been around a long time. She is patient, kind, and has very good focus. Her knowledge, wisdom, energetic sight, and her big heart are a great combination for a healer. Based on personal healing experiences, as well as academic training, Marisa is experienced in working with trauma and healing. ~Artemis, Port Moody BC 


Marisa is a wonderful, insightful healer and teacher. She has helped me overcome blocks with gentleness and precision. She is a steady, calming influence in my life, and it gives me great comfort to know that she is there when I need to reach for help. ~Susan, Toronto ON


Marisa has such a calming and compassionate approach to healing and spiritual guidance. In the 16 years I have known Marisa, I have often sought her out as a healer. She has a unique way to direct her clients to truth of the matter or issue, and yet hold a compassionate and loving space to each client to heal. Each time I have worked with Marisa, I felt a tremendous love void of judgement.

Marisa creates a safe environment to heal. She is compassionate and gentle, and at the same time, direct and supportive of addressing the truth. Marisa also addresses her work as a healer and spiritual counselor with complete confidence, and without judgement. ~Patty, Seattle WA


Marisa helped me feel and know the holiness of Source. She is a genuine healer with pure generosity of spirit. Marisa healed me with energy, but also by example, by just being herself. ~Mary, Regina SK


Working with Marisa is an efficient way to get to the core root of blocks to your desired manifestations. Marisa is very precise in her work of identifying the key issues surrounding your personal challenges, and at the same time she is also very gentle in her manner of guiding you to your goals. I highly recommend booking a session with Marisa to help you catapult forward to your desired destiny. ~Susan, Vancouver BC

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