Love Is the Antidote to Fear and Hate.

The goings on of late in the political arena in the United States have sparked fear, confusion, uncertainty, outrage, and many other feelings, throughout the world. This has led me to ponder on how to most effectively lend my energy, time, and power to the situation. I decided to not contribute to any further negativity; to instead choose love, which is the most powerful universal force. I came upon an  article by a local Toronto journalist, which describes beautifully how love is a unifying, galvanizing, inexorable power, and how love defeats hate. Read Metro Article.

What’s it All About?

Yesterday, frustrated with her work and other life circumstances, a friend asked me, “What’s it all about?” She was referring to life. Her question led me to contemplation.

Life, definitely a remarkable adventure. Sometimes gloriously effortless. Often devastatingly challenging. Here we all are in our humanity, learning, growing, evolving, but to what end? According to Eckhart Tolle (A New Earth, 2005), we continue to experience form for the enjoyment of it.

True enough. Yet, it’s about much more than simply enjoying a human experience. Divine descends into matter to experience itself in form as individuations or aspects of Source, God, All That Is, Love. Some of us seek an awakened life, a conscious journey, determined to remember ourselves as much more than human. Moved to evolve the dimensional/spiritual Self as the prime directive and most profound experience of life. An “extreme spiritual athlete”; one who constantly pushes past perceived human limitations and blocks towards unlimited human and spiritual evolution. One who makes every effort with tireless courage — metaphorically climbs every mountain, swims every sea, traverses every valley — to live their purpose/calling in every moment. Awake human and divine spirit in perfect harmony and balance … the ultimate experience of living an extraordinary, joy-filled, deeply meaningful, purposeful, fulfilled life.

This, I propose, is in good part what it’s all about.

Healing Trauma

A few years ago, University of Regina professor Dr. Mary Hampton and I presented at the 5th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Spirituality & Health in Calgary, Alberta. We spoke about different perspectives of, and approaches to, trauma and healing.

Key topics included:
Western and Aboriginal perspectives to trauma and healing
The Transpersonal Psychology approach
Trauma and Vibrational Psychology, the new science
Brainwave patterns
States of consciousness and states of mind

I dusted off the PowerPoint: Vibrational Psychology & Healing Trauma. It includes several candid, raw, very personal original drawings by University of Regina fourth-year Transpersonal Psychology students.

The “Elite” Brain

Can you train your brain just like a muscle? It’s the mind as much as the muscles that make a champion — so is it possible to pick an “elite brain” out of a crowd of ordinary grey matter? That’s the challenge that a team of psychiatrists and neuroscientists at the University of California San Diego have been grappling with for the past few years. The researchers ran a study with eight platoons of U.S. Marine infantry recruits (281 individuals) preparing for deployment in Afghanistan. Half received eight weeks of mindfulness training; sure enough, those who received the training developed more “elite” brain patterns during the breathing test. Read The Globe and Mail article.

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