Life is a precious gift of unlimited evolution and possibilities. 

You already have within you the wisdom and knowledge to align with your unique life’s purpose, mission, directive, and also with your joy, healing, prosperity, actualized self.

One of my purposes — and one of my greatest passions — is to help you identify where you want to go with your life, and what is holding you back. Together, we will map out the shortest, most joy-filled path to your best possible life, whatever that means to you.

Whatever brings you here, wherever you feel stuck in your life, wherever you are hurting, we can work through the situation to move you past it. You may be feeling:

Painfully undone in some area of your life
Directionless, with nothing new on the horizon
Confused about how to move forward
Empty inside in spite of having achieved many goals
In acute distress or crisis
Not sure what to do next or where to turn

My work is gentle, precise, and powerful. I can guide you right to heart of your issues, untangling mental, emotional, and spiritual knots, and clearing whatever is blocking your movement forward, all-the-while assisting you with attuning to your own inner guidance so you can learn how to clear yourself. My wish for you is that you come to less and less depend on me or others for your guidance and healing. I’m all about empowerment and will offer you simple, effective, tried-and-true tools and techniques so that in short time you can rely on you to light your own path through life’s crises, conflicts, and crossroads.

My goals for you are your goals for you, including:

Awareness  |  Clarity and direction
Manifestation |  Forward momentum
Renewed energy | Success (as defined by you)
Wholeness  | Ultimately, healing

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