Services & Courses

Together, let’s transform your life.


Energy blocks processing and clearing
Intuitive readings
Regressional or past life readings
Spiritual and life skills guidance
Couples guidance and mediation
Dispute mediation and resolution


The Prophet: Level I
An in-depth study of the metaphysical world of energy and power and your place in it. We will explore both ancient and modern systems, with spirituality and science/physics intricately inter-woven. If you are seeking clarity, truth, real and lasting change, this transformative course offers an opportunity to manifest an awakened life of choice and passion. Course Description. ~ Prerequisite: none.

Ancient Shamanism: Level II
This course combines ancient shamanic knowledge with spirituality and quantum physics. You will learn to access what you already innately know, understand how you know what you know, and develop the shamanic abilities to access greater knowledge directly from your DNA. Course Description. ~ Prerequisite: Level I.

Tibetan Mastery: Level III
A journey inward, a profound journey into Self. This course takes you to a place of knowing, a place of power, mystery, and magic. You will connect to an exalted sense of self-expression, passion, your destiny, and your connection to the creative forces of the universe. This position provides a platform to assess and offer energetic healing to others. Course Description. ~ Prerequisites: Levels I and II.

Appointments & Rates

To book an appointment, please e-mail Include a few dates and times that you are available and which service(s) or course you are seeking.

Sessions for individuals: $100 + 13% tax per session per hour.
Sessions for couples: $125 + 13% tax per session per hour.
Mediation: $125 to $150 + 13% tax per session per hour (depending on the nature of mediation and number of people involved).
Facilitation/presenter: Awareness of energy dynamics; empowerment in the workplace. Contact
Courses: Cost depends on level. Contact for details.

I am not a physician or health care professional. I do not diagnose or treat illness. Spiritual guidance/healing is a complementary therapy, not an alternative therapy. My sessions/courses/work are not intended to replace any medical care or prescribed psychological/psychiatric therapies. Continue to follow the advice of your medical or mental health professional(s) for all treatments and remedies/therapies for any and all physical, mental, and emotional health problems. By choosing to work with me, you are agreeing to the above.

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